Break Pattern

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Break Pattern is my production company. I produce records for a wide variety of artists. I also produce and direct videos. Occasionally, I am consulting on releases, publicity, tours etc.

I am interested in working with new songwriters and bands so drop me a line through the Contact page!

Some recent projects:


Scenic Route To Alaska




Lyra Brown



Eyes On Ivan

Owls By Nature



Scenic Route To Alaska






Owls By Nature



Cobra Ramone


2 thoughts on “Break Pattern

  1. I have just finished recording my new CD and it is off for mixing and mastering. The next step is getting together the things I need for the release such as a video. Would you be available in August to shoot a video. What would be some sample ranges of budget. I have some marketing support as part of my Factor grant but I need to develop a budget as I ask for the next stage of funding. This Cd has more of an alt-pop adult Alternative feel than my past CD’s.

  2. Dave Forbes says:

    Anybody who knows Jay Sparrow knows that he has very diverse styles of writing and performing. Why would his production show otherwise. This is a very deep pool of talent on display. Glad to be back in Edmonton. I’m looking forward to seeing these artists live.

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