I am not really sure how we ended up here. You could study the major zeitgeists of history till you are old and grey and I would imagine you would end up with simply more unanswered questions. The reality is: life on this planet has drifted far from an organized and logical course. We have placed great worth on worthless things, we have raised normal people to godlike platforms, we have invented a creator to allow us the luxury of smaller thoughts and we fill our limited amount of time here with work, trivialities and even war…

Then on the other hand we have really connected with each other and our environment. We have progressed, sometimes at an alarming rate. We have adapted to dizzying obstacles and we are reaching out beyond our capabilities constantly.

Most of the time I feel disconnected from the modern societal norms. When I was growing up this was an isolating and lonely feeling but now things are different. I have found peace and confidence in my disconnection and I can say honestly that a large amount of this peace was delivered via the internet. I think the future will look kindly on its invention as I believe it to be a catalyst for increased forward momentum. It has allowed me to seek out and find many creative thinkers, individuals who have been quietly working away at exposing the grand illusions. Now, I have typically stayed away from any sort of soapbox preaching as I see my views simply as patches of the quilt, not the thread that binds. But it certainly is comforting to enter into the discussion… even if only as an observer.

Here are some other people’s thoughts I enjoy:

Dr. Neil DeGrasse

Randy Pausch

Carl Sagan

Malcolm Gladwell

Alan Watts

Kathryn Schultz

Ricky Gervais

Joshua Klein

Kyle Cease

Graham Hill

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