“Women who are educated, economically engaged, and in control of their own bodies can enjoy the freedom of bearing children at their own pace, which happens to be a rate that is appropriate for the aggregate ecological endowment of our planet.”

– Ozzie Zehmer

Defying our biological impulse to procreate will be our next evolution as a species. I also believe it to be our savior in that it will be the solution to almost every international crisis existing in the world today.

In the exceptionally fortunate and educated areas of the world this concept has begun but will need to be held to a more encompassing ideal. The idea of population control via conscious non-procreation needs to be dogmatic first in the affluent areas in order to bring it to the 2nd and 3rd world level. Non-procreation needs to be accepted logic moving forward in the first world because decisions on how aid and social commitment flows to the less fortunate is key.

I feel that incentivized non-procreation and incentivized education is possibly the only true way to enable the future of the intensely over populated communities. This can be achieved through aid from local and international bodies diverting from a vast web to a single thread. A singularity of purpose with mass funding would be effective in changing the tide of population growth and would create countless tributaries of positive advancement in other international maladies.

To simplify, if the young men and women of the world were given financial, medical and social reward for engaging in non-procreation and educational pursuits; in a single generation we could indelibly change the future for all mankind. There are roughly seven billion humans on the planet today, in a hundred years of advanced population control, it is within reason that the number could be as low as one billion. At our current level of technology and resources, one billion people would not only be easily managed but they would also experience a considerably higher standard of living. Poverty, famine, pollution, and many of the other ailments of our current state would be seen simply as historical blunders and avoidable detriment.

Basically… if you go to school and don’t have children, the world will take care of you. Because that is what the world needs you to do. I realize the insensitivity of this statement but… it is a solution.

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