New Single! New Video!

My new single is released today! Its called RADIO. I filmed this in my hometown of New Sarepta with my friends. I wouldn’t trade growing up in a small town for anything. This song pays tribute to my time there as well as celebrating what RADIO means to me now. Take care everyone… xojs

Many thanks to Dan Holden, Tanya Maltais, Kim Thompson, Mike Tulley, Kevin Kossowan, Craig Miller, Lise and everyone at the Tav, NSCHS, the staff at Alberta Rig Mats and the Sarepta Minor Hockey Association.


One thought on “New Single! New Video!

  1. Doug Belsek says:

    LOVE IT. ” Radio ” ‘s got it all, even a hat movin’ geetar-ist . . . LOL. All the best in 2016 and beyond Jay Sparrow, Jeff, Doc . . . and the rest of ‘da boys.

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