New Video! Bound By Nothing


Many thanks to Christina Ienna for shooting and editing this video from the Louisiana swamp just outside of New Orleans. This song can be found on my latest record BLUEBIRD.

2 thoughts on “New Video! Bound By Nothing

  1. Doug Belsek says:

    Thank you Jay Sparrow for the music, for me ” Bound By Nothing ” is an awesome expression of heart, experience and perhaps confusion in the reflection of life and living. The lyrics about Mom and Books were expressive and to me deeply sincere.Parts of the music had what I can only call . . . kinda like ” Old School Bon Jovi Swag ” . . . or an attitude of HERE IT IS like it or not, a strong rhythmic softness with a powerful feel. Keep on doing that which you do FULLY . . . ” Create ” . Best Regards, Doug Belsek, aka scubes

  2. John Fern says:

    Just saw this video and really enjoyed it! Nice job, man!

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